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Discover the best restaurant in Weston!

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Discover the best restaurant in Weston!

Our Reading Group wanted to celebrate six years of reading and reviewing interesting novels by sharing an Italian meal together. Popping over to Italy was out of the question so we chose Il Michelangelo’s in Weston super Mare

There’s no need to travel to Italy to experience fine dining and if you too are looking for the finest dining experience in the area, try Il Michelangelo’s Italian Restaurant situated on the sea front just steps away from the Knightstone Harbour. 

Leonardo’s charming waiters showed us to a lovely circular table near the entrance which was perfect for hearing everyone’s conversation. Crisp white table linen and sparkling tableware welcome any visitor. Leonardo has achieved an amazing following of people who see the restaurant as the place to go for amazing authentic Italian food and impressive service. 

This award winning restaurant with its friendly welcoming staff gets our ten out of ten for food, wine and splendid service!